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Memento Dears Prologue
Game: Memento Dears Prologue

Melodie Adams has not always had the best of luck. However, recently things seem to be turning around for her. She’s pretty sure that she is in love with someone and that they feel the same way about her.

But just as everything starts to line up, something big happens. A terrible accident leaves her right back at the beginning. Now, with a major hindrance derailing her, will she get back on course? …or find a new path? Memento Dears is a Visual Novel Date Sim for girls.

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  2. aphmau says:

    that was a fun game im going to make a youtube vidro abourt this and everyone willl play it it is great

  3. aphmau says:

    and im the real aphmau just saying

  4. PewPew says:

    i cant even get a quarter in without freezing

  5. kasey says:

    wtf aphmau is way more popular and would probably never come to these unless she was in need of a random game so stop faking

  6. Kim says:

    this is an amazing story and i will absuloutly make a video about this in the future!!!

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