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Idol Days Sim Date
Game: Idol Days Sim Date

Sim dating game for girls! You are supposed to be the girl that flirts with guys and so on and so forth. If you like sim date games for girls, don't miss this one.

There are five types of different personalities you have to analyze and manage to date with. Build relationships and spend time with all five characters! You have a month (30 days) available for doing this. You need to practice your guitar talent to get ready for your concert, but you also need money, so you will have to work in shops to get it.

Your love is one of the stars you will meet at the concert, go there and find the love of your life.

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Comments (8)

  1. Ruby Lee says:

    How do you like even play this game? It’s soooooooo stupid! Do not say I did not warn you!

  2. Sophie says:

    NOOOOO!!!!! I tried Zane and then Cody, but both times it told me I couldn’t leave or I wouldn’t end the game with any of them, but I talked to all of them and they just said I did great. I’m a fail at dating.

  3. cathy says:

    i tried everyone i was amazing the there ending was great

  4. S.C. & Spark says:

    I LLOOOOOVVVVEEEE this game, I got all the endings and I think that I like Zaneys the beat!!!!!!

  5. I need cheat code for this idol days sim date

  6. Dnarez says:

    10/10 will play again

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